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I’m Kevin from SE PA. I’ve been enjoying this forum for several weeks now since deciding on the Ascent.

I placed an order for the Touring trim via the ASPCA VIP membership program at Robert’s/Reedman-Toll Subaru located in Downingtown, PA just last week. Seems like a pretty hard deal to beat.

This will be my first Subaru. Over the years I’ve had family & friends who’ve owned them and they performed really well. My brother would regularly use his mid-‘80s GL Coupe to cruise over & through the Sierras with no problems. (Ok.. it would gasp for air & run hot on higher elevation climbs but, it never stopped running.)

I’m 53 and like many who participate in a vehicle forum I have owned & driven dozens of different vehicles, domestic or otherwise. I also like to do as much vehicle maintenance as I can or.. am willing to take on. Over the last 20 years or so, it’s been mostly Volvo & BMW for me.

It’s time for a roomier, softer & safer ride for my aging bones. Generally, I tend to shy away from buying a first year model. But, in this case, for the most part, Subaru is playing it safe. Learning from their past as well as from current market success by competitors.

For what it’s worth, I eventually narrowed my new vehicle search down to either the Volvo XC40 & the Ascent. I know. Not in the same segment. I was also seriously considering a 4Runner TRD. So, go figure. ?. After years as a Volvo driver, including driving an XC60 loaner as recently as September with.. 86 (eighty-six) miles on her, I chose the Ascent. The decision was after many hours (weeks) spent of research and hands-on play. Only time will tell. But, I feel pretty confident in my decision.


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