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My husband just bought a trailer to transport his sit on top kayaks to the Jersey shore.

Could someone give me a towing 101 checklist on disabling the safety features etc. before he heads out to Barnegat Bay on Monday? The drive home from the dealer went well. Monday will be his first day using it with the boats.

All advice is greatly appreciated, as I know he can get frustrated leafing through the manual. PS
It has been a number of years since he towed a boat.

Many thanks for your help.

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How many kayaks are you towing?
Unless it鈥檚 a significant number, weight won鈥檛 be much of an issue.
Depending on the width of the trailer he may want to disable BSD/RCTA using the bottom below and to the left of the steering wheel.
Also, when in reverse, tap and hold the RAB icon in the bottom corner of the screen to turn that off. I鈥檝e had the RAB kick in when reversing with a trailer. It鈥檚 a head turner; everyone around thinks you backed into something!
Last thing I would recommend is turn off LKA with the button on the steering wheel to prevent any unnecessary swaying.

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I tow a kayak trailer almost every weekend. Trailers of firewood also. I just turn off the RAB when backing. I have had the car think I'm backing into something and stop it a couples times. It's always a surprise.
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