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Help! Lift gate malfunctioning

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Hello, I looked for this answer in the forum but maybe I missed it.
My lift gate is not working. I drive and have constant beeping but the trunk is closed.
I stop and leave all doors unlocked and the car on, I go to the back and hit the button in the rear hear the three beeps and the mechanisms making sounds, keep my hand pressed on the button for a few seconds and nothing.
Sometimes it will pop open other times it will not, I hit the button to close the lift gate but when it tries to latch on it doesnt close and have to push the lift gate closed. I then turned off the car leave the doors unlocked and try again but same issues. I leave the car off for an hour or so and try again and nothing. Last time I had to go to the dealership and wait an hour but there has to be an easier way that does not involve going to the dealership.
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When you put it in park and turn off your vehicle and open your door is it Chiming as well? I just had the same issue, brought it in, and they told me that the car wasn’t noticing that the vehicle I’d in park mode. The mechanic said they needed to make a slight adjustment to the shifter.
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