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Hello, who's calling?

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I knew the Ascent was eventually going to make an appearance, but it was not until recently I began to look into the details. I did the usual research and talked to the local Subaru people. I saw the Ascent at the auto show and the day my local dealer started to accept orders, I plunked down a deposit. The process of getting the details must have put me on a number of lists and I received numerous calls before and after placing the order. They all seem to have to do with Subaru at some level, but I am not sure who they are what their role is. I suppose I could have asked how they fit into the general scheme of things, but I was busy with a bunch of other stuff and otherwise distracted. I figured out how at the dealer level, the right hand did not know that the left hand had already written up an order. However, who is this Concierge person that seems to have taken an interest in my acquiring a new Subaru? I did get an inquiry from yet someone else in the Subaru food chain who wanted to make absolutely sure that if I decided not to buy a new Subaru, it was not because they did not try hard enough.

I have another somewhat unrelated question. I recall reading about someone who owns a monopoly on Subaru new car sales in the New England states. It went on to say that this billionaire gets a piece of every sale and that it affects the final cost to buyers across the country. Does anyone know about this? Am I buying from Subaru of America? Not that I get too wrapped up in the politics of people with money, but the author seemed to take exception to large donations to the Trump campaign. That is something for a forum somewhere else. However, I do find it amusing that the progressive folks in Vermont who buy a Subaru indirectly contributed to getting The Donald elected.
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On the one hand, this is correct. There are no options for you with the Touring. However, what about accessories? Did you want a trailer hitch? What about remote start? Those can be added at port for less money than putting them on at the dealership, simply due to the difference in labor rates.
What's the difference between "option" and "accessory"? I asked for the hitch, auto-dim mirrors, etc... basically, I asked for every... accessory?... available for the Touring except the front windshield shade.
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