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Hello everyone,

I ordered my Ascent (Touring) on May 17 and just today took a test drive in a Limited. The first thing I noticed was that the lumbar support was great - better than in my Forester. I test drove the Ascent on the freeway and had no problem accelerating to merge into traffic. The engine was very smooth and quiet. The safety devices worked well - the sound was turned off so I got only visual cues. I was pleasantly surprised that they were not distracting at all - including the "heads up" display on the windshield.

My dealer's website shows that they have 10 Ascents (they also show the VIN's, so I guess they really do have them. I didn't really look for them, though, since they had an Ascent parked right in the front. The dealer tells me that mine should arrive sometime between July 26 and about August 15, so we'll see.

Best wishes to all,

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