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Hi everyone!!

I’ve been lurking on these forums for a few weeks now. I currently drive a 10 year old Honda Odyssey, my husband drives a Subaru Crosstrek. I’ve been eyeing the Ascent as soon as Subaru announced it in a newsletter. As my Odyssey got older, I knew I didn’t want another minivan as I didn’t like what was out there and because my experience with my Odyssey was a love-hate relationship. It served my family of five nicely, but I experienced engine issues at 50k miles at 5 years. Totally not the Honda experience I expected, fast forward to today the Odyssey is 10 years old, 98k miles and my kids are older now.

We test drove an Ascent and I tested out the Pilot. The Pilot felt familiar and comfy similar to my Odyssey of course. The Ascent I just liked in many ways. So after comparing and weighing options I am picking up my white/ivory Limited Ascent on Friday. I did like the Pilot, however to get the safety features and 7-seat option I’d have to get a Touring level Pilot...which seemed ridiculous for more money....especially when Subaru offered 7-seats and safety on lower levels for less. Plus with the engine issues I dealt with, I just didn’t want to try a Honda again. I’ll try Subaru this time. Hopefully it all goes well...I admit I’m a tad nervous buying the first model but I do like the Ascent A LOT!
Congrats!!! You will love Subaru?. The Ascent is awesome, waiting for mine. From other post there should not be too much concern with it being a first year car?
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