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Headaches and burning throat from something in Ascent

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I responded to a post about the "offgassing" or "pressure on sinus" around Oct 28. I bought my car on Sep 23 and I have had this migraine since Sept 27. When indoors the migraine seems better BUT within 5 minutes of being in car I get a terrible headache. I am talking the type of headache where you can't relieve it and you can't think because you are in so much pain. I was starting to think that something was very wrong with my health. THEN today I payed close attention. I got up feeling fine. I was out to have a good day finally. Got in the car at 8:20 and by 8:40 I had a terrible migraine again! :crying:I am NOW convinced it is from the car. Does anyone else have something similar happening to them? Unexplained dizziness, headache, not feeling well. Could it be a chemical or a Volatile Organic Compound. As someone else said from this forum it is sinus pain & pressure that for me turns into migraine. What do I do? Is there somewhere you can go to have the air quality in the vehicle tested? I am in the west coast of Florida. Thanks
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