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Sensitivity to various chemicals is a very hard thing to track given its far more complicated than say allergies. Testing for allergies is a pretty complex process to to do correctly.

So you can imagine what it would take to isolate your sensitivity and what’s causing it. Your exposed to so many different things when you step out of your house into a vehicle. New vehicle parts, seats, plastics are wiped down with various treatments not to mention manufacturing oils etc that all are gassing off / evaporating in new vehicles.

I would leave all the windows down park in the garage maybe set up a fan to circulate air through to help speed the process if it’s affecting you that much.

I would swap out the cabin filter with a carbon/activated carbon treated filter. I would have a major detail done having all the sufaces wiped down with a water based simple cleaner. And see how that goes.

All new cars will have this so its not a brand thing. All manufacturers are using the same stuff due to availability and regulatory requirements etc.
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