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The owner's manual on page 313 states :
"Many gasolines are now blended with
materials called oxygenates. Use of these
fuels can also help keep the air cleaner.
Oxygenated blend fuels, such as ethanol
(ethyl or grain alcohol) may be used in your
vehicle, but should contain no more than
15% ethanol for the proper operation of
your SUBARU.
Do not use any gasoline that contains
more than 15% ethanol, including from any
pump labeled, E30, E50 or E85 (which are
only some examples of fuel containing
more than 15% ethanol)."
Here in Wisconsin we have a local chain of gas stations that sells 88 octane fuel that contains not 10% but 15% ethanol. It's is cheaper than the regular 87 with 10% ethanol. I wondered has anyone tried it and how does it effect the fuel economy?
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