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Happy with my new Ascent

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[FONT=&quot]Picked up my Abyss Blue Pearl Touring on Saturday. :smile: So far so good. Impressed with the quiet, the ride, and the engine. Overwhelmed by the technology.
I have been following the forums, while I waited for the Ascent to arrive. I have not experienced the motion sickness, floating steering, or any of the problems reported so far. Knock on wood.
I am going from a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab pickup to the Ascent. I was worried about the space for not only for cargo but storage of car stuff. My truck had lots of storage space and I was worried that my Ascent did not have enough storage space. I am very happy to report that I have enough storage space for all the stuff I had in the truck. The rear under storage is wonderful. My tow strap, ties down straps, and tools all fit nicely. I like the size of the middle storage as it will fit regular square tissue box.
[FONT=&quot] I am very impressed with the rear gate height memory. Our garage is low and my wife’s XC90’s rear gate is when opened is always hitting the garage door when it is up. The rear gate memory function has eliminated that problem.:smile_big:

Looking forward to taking trips in it.
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