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Greetings From Pittsburgh

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Hello, all! We currently have a Forester and Outback and we’re picking up our new Ascent tomorrow. We have two kids and my father-in-law living with us so it will be nice to take everyone and associated equipment in one vehicle.

I am looking forward to sharing and learning more in these forums.
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Picked up mine two days ago. Loving it. The best feature probably is the ability to fit the entire family and few additional things in the rear.
Congrats to both of you! Show us some pictures of your new rides when you get a chance.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new car. Are you planning on getting rid of either of your other subies now that you've taken delivery?
We traded in the Outback. It was a 2013 and had some strange issues over its life. Here is a picture of our Ascent.


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