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I cannot recommend working with Dan Meola and the team at Liberty Subaru highly enough. I ended up driving 3.5 hours each way to buy a new Ascent from them, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

After shopping around and test driving Honda Pilots and Toyota 4Runners, my wife decided on the Ascent, Limited Trim, 8 pax, plus the towing receiver and a couple other small accessories. I tried working with multiple local dealers at the same time I reached out to Dan based on feedback from this forum.

Dan immediately replied with an excellent price on exactly what I wanted. Based on what we wanted and our timeline, he recommended ordering from the factory. To make things more complicated, we were trading in a Ford Expedition EL, and certainly couldn't drive it up there for him to look at. He asked us to send a few pictures and affirm that the engine/drivetrain/etc were free from major issues. Based on that, he offered us a very good trade-in value contingent on mileage and no major issues on arrival.

Meanwhile, no local dealers were within $2k of Dan's price, and no one was within $1k of his trade-in value. Additionally, there was a lot of hassle to get an actual written quote (I gave up on a couple of dealers after enough back and forth.)

So I ordered through Dan, all over the phone and internet, and put down a $500 deposit.

Dan kept me up to date on the timeline, and answered questions as we went along. I drove to pick up the Ascent last Friday.

The experience at the dealership was incredible. I worked with exactly 3 people -- Dan, another Dan (Dan Rovelli) who walked me through all the cars features and ensured that Starlink/MySubaru, XM, etc were all working before I left (down-to-and-including apps on my phone), and the finance guy, Dave Finkel. The three worked together to make my experience as smooth as possible. Dan Meola had asked if I were interested in the Gold-plus extended warranties beforehand and sent me a competitive price sheet. When I walked into the finance, the only item brought up by Dave was that, and he had a copy of the email Dan had sent with the pricing and information. Dave answered a few questions, and helped me confirm that everything was right on the trade-in, pricing, etc. Everything was right down to the penny -- absolutely no surprises. That was the best part - there was zero pressure selling of add-ons and no surprise fees. I've never been in and out of finance so quickly.

I genuinely enjoyed working with these three gentlemen - they made it absolutely stress free and saved me money. If Subaru decides to drop the 6-speed transmission into the base Impreza (my other car), I'll probably be driving back up there again to buy another.

If you are thinking about working with Dan and crew from out-of-state, I highly recommend it!!

--Pete Exline
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