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So I spent parts of last week at the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. No, I didn't take my Ascent on a road trip. I flew in. On the drive from Phoenix in my rental Impala, I tried to spot an Ascent. Coming from a place where every other car can be a Subaru, I would say that they are not as popular in AZ as they are here (duh). It wasn't until we drove through Sedona that I even spotted a Subaru. They were much more prevalent in Northern Arizona than Phoenix. On my second to last day, I did spot an Ascent in the parking lot of the General store of the Marketplace Plaza. It was sporting Maine license plates of all places, and also Continental Winter Contact tires. Congrats to you for making the trip!!!

On a side note:
I know some people on this forum wanting auto-lock when leaving the car as a feature on the Ascent. I must say that I found that to be pretty annoying on the Impala, but to each their own.
The Impala seats were extremely narrow. I am a pretty fit guy, but it was pinching me. Very uncomfortable to say the least.
I missed the RCTA and RAB in the Ascent as the Impala did not have it. In fact the rear camera barely has any side viewing, only straight back.

Lastly, I returned home to my garaged Ascent. It spent 9 days, with the keys inside it in the cup holder, and started just fine.
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