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Got rear ended last night, luckily no damage

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Well, our Ascent was in its first accident last night, but looks like we got lucky and it wasn't damaged. I was trying to make a right turn at one of those tricky intersections where the cars coming from the left are coming from around a bend. I was starting to go, but then at the last second saw a car appear around the curve so I quickly braked. Unfortunately the car behind me thought I was going and didn't stop in time, so "crunch!" We pulled over and I was very much expecting to see a decent amount of damage, afraid to even look, to be honest. Well, you can imagine my relief to see absolutely nothing wrong with the back bumper. And the guy who hit me was nice, totally admitted right off the bat that it was his fault, apologized multiple times, wasn't even worried about his own car, just hoping ours was okay, and gave me his insurance info just in case I ended up needing it.
Anyway, super glad the car was okay, and happy know that the Ascent's back bumper is tough enough to take a punch.
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I'm sure you're checking out the rear sensors, RAB, Lane Obstruction, rear camera, tailgate operation, etc (did I miss anything?).

Sorry to hear this, but no one was hurt, that's the important thing.(y)
Yeah, everyone being safe is the main thing, especially since we had our 4 yr old and our grand baby in the car at the time. Luckily it wasn't a hard enough impact to even wake the baby or bother our 4 year old at all, but given our luck of late I thought for sure there would be some visible damage.
And yeah, I looked closely at all the sensors and such, all seemed okay. I should double check that they're all working as normal when I take it out today, just to make extra sure.
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