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I bought a new 22 Onyx a few weeks back and despite the fuel gauge saying I'm close to empty, I've yet to see the low fuel light turn on. Whenever I've filled up the tank, its putting around 14-15 gallons of gas in, though I know the capacity in the owner's manual is over 19. Does the gauge on these go really far down prior to the light going on, cause it seems that despite the gauge readying close to E, I'm further away based on my tank fill up.

Appreciate the help!

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I admit that I run my fuel tank down low each time I fill up. Carrying around less gas saves fuel! On my last fill up I put in over 18.2 gallons, which really hurt the wallet at the time, but my low fuel light had been on for a while.... I didn't intend to get that low and I tried to fill up the previous day but I had forgotten my wallet so I drove home on a prayer, but I digress...
For reassurance you can change the info screen to display your miles to E if you're getting nervous. Mine is a premium so I don't have the fancy color display above the head unit, but its always at 40 miles to E when the low light comes on and the gauge does read very low. I do believe the miles to E is available on the LCD between the speedo/tacho gauges as well.
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