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Thanks for the ideas, Robert.Mauro & Packard8. I spoke with my dealership, and with a local independent Subaru Mechanic. The independent mechanic is critical of the recall, he thinks that a boroscope inspection of the transmission is useless, he feels the only conclusive test for transmission damage is to drain the transmission fluid & inspect it for metal.

Both mechanic and dealership suspect my transmission is self destructing, and the dealer's asked that my car be towed, not driven, in for servicing. "It might take some time, we're getting a lot of transmission replacements these days". Gulp. The car is 2 yrs, 5 mos old, & has 74000 km.
As I recall the fluid is drained for the inspection, as the drain and fill plugs are the only way to boroscope the TR690. Not only that but the TCM records any slip events, this cannot be erased or reset, so the data will indicate when slip has occurred in relation to the chain and pulleys.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts