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Hey guys!! This forum has been insanely helpful in the last month that I've been apart of it! I ordered a car Nov 23, and got an email update that it was on a train on the 8th! Original arrival date stated in first email says On or Before 1/6/2020! I've ordered the Limited trim with the Harmon Kardon/Sunroof, Black exterior and Ivory Leather interior. I already have ideas to do a chrome delete, debadge and trade out stock rims when factory tires wear down. Oh and I already have a bunch of decals to apply to the windows..

I'm trading in my 2012 Acccord Coupe that has been my daily dog hauler for the past 2 years. I'm going to miss it a lot but I'm also so happy about upgrading. We're also looking at putting about 15-20k down to finance the Ascent (hopefully) at around 20k-22k all said and done. Dogs are going to be crazy happy with the amount of room their going to have! Attached photos of both because why not..

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