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Hi all, first time Subaru owner in Indiana.

Just picked up my wife's 2019 Subaru Ascent (Limited as she did not like the leather color on the Touring models) last night.

It's a White Limited, with Black Leather interior.

Had to have it brought to a dealer about 2.5 hours away from another dealer about 2.5 hours from them.

We had been looking at them a bit back in August, just as we were beginning a potential several month long (possibly a year if I had my way) look at new vehicles for my wife. I had seen something about the new model and thought it would be interesting.

Then about a week and a half ago, my daughter got into an accident in her vehicle. Found out late last week that her car was being declared a total loss, so I had to kick it into gear and either get my daughter another car, or hand down my wife's vehicle to my daughter and get something new for my wife. (My daughter's vehicle was unfortunately our newest vehicle, with least mileage).

Had already looked at the Subaru as stated, and my wife got a Cadillac XT5 to drive as the rental while my daughter's car was being assessed, so she began to get a feel for what she wanted. Took her to look at Platinum Toyota Highlander, and Lexus RX350. My wife did not much like the Highlander, and while the Lexus was nice, she didn't fall in love with it. To my surprise, she gravitated back to the Ascent.

Unfortunately, due to my timing and need, and while not completely narrow in scope, the trim level, and color choices, etc there were none readily available. Some were coming to various local dealers for delivery in November, but pretty loose on timing. I did find a dealer who diligently followed up and located us one that met her choices and got it for us. I could have probably saved a few thousand if I had not needed to move so quickly.

Subaru ownership should be interesting. Glad to see what looks like a pretty active forum, etc. I own a Toyota FJ Cruiser, and that online community is very strong as well.

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Welcome to the forums! Hoping you all enjoy your Ascent as much as I'm enjoying mine!!!
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