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Finally, after waiting more than 4 months we picked up our CWP Ascent yesterday and we loved it
Our dealer is over 2.5 hr far from us and back home we did 170 miles total and averaged 16mpg. I know it's gonna take while to get the normal readings, but have you guys noticed the rpm stayed less than 2k even at 75mph? I mean my previous VW Passat used to be around 2500 rpm and gets excellent gas mileage (35+) and I hope Ascent will come around at least as advertised.
All the new technology is new to me, so far tried ACC (only one time) and trying to build my trust with BSM and I loved it. Also, noticed Eyesight is detecting objects very few times and many times with the same distance between the car in front of me, it didn't warn me at all. Need to figure it out exactly when it will detect and not.
Kinda disappointed with the Radio quality, but playing from phone is amazingly crystal. Got few hiccups with Android auto, may be issue with cable.
I know there are lot to learn and have fun in our new toy but so far we both loved it. I will sure to check back here with any questions or issues.

Things planning to do in the future...
Front windows tint
Plasti dip wheels
Running board (please let me know if anyone planning or already installed)


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