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Had a sedan pre-kids, had 2 minivans (when our kids were babies), have a Honda Pilot (hubby got that when I got the Subaru). And now I have my first Subaru. My dad bought a forester years ago. It has been a great car for my parents. We could never get a Subaru because they just weren't big enough for our family of 5 who often has extra kids with them.

Enter the Ascent and it became a game changer.

When I went into the Subaru dealership, the first salesman to come up to me was a man named Fred. He was wonderful and I liked working with him. My dad, Fred, passed away last November. I knew when I me the salesman that he was supposed to help me. :) And, I believe my dad would be smiling down on me knowing I bought a Subaru.

Husband loves it because it is safe and will do well for our family.
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