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I got the Subaru Ascent Limited with Tech package for it value and features and it did live up to that expectations. My other options was Honda Pilot and I didn’t want to deal with the V6 with timing belt. The Ascent is roomy and quiet with a fairly nice interior. I really like the simple exterior design and the Crimson Red Pearl paint. So far I’m happy with my purchase. Subaru could use some help in refining there technology stuff and learn a few from Honda. Ascent was picked on 8/12.

Adaptive LED head Lights ( Never had them and was like wow )
Eyesight safety Features
Easier way into the 3 roll seating than Honda Pilot
Quiet Cabin
Subaru All wheel drive
A lot of cup holders
No plastic covers in the engine bay to make the motor look pretty
20 inch rims
Good viewing from front windshield
Rear headed seats
A lot of USB ports
Back up proximity sensor.

Things Subaru could improve on:
Eyesight could be more refine (The Lane assist is jerky at time and not as smooth as my Honda Sense package)
The multimedia BT seen to be buggy ( It could just be me and I’ll re-read the manual again )
Sun roof could have a better one touch close instead of the 2 touch
Passenger seat seems to be too high and can be lowered or have a height adjustment.
20 inch rims are great but give us some tire with good sidewall height.
Floor Mats need more coverage ( I usually get WeatherTech floorliner mats anyway )

2019 Ascent Limited
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I also have a CRP Limited with 13,000 miles and zero problems.

Good assessment! Thanks.
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