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It's only taken me five months, but I've finally hit the break-in 1000 mile mark.

This mileage has been accumulated over countless grocery getting runs.

Things I adore - my son saying "Look, Papa! Airplane!" as he looks up through the ginormous sunroof. The "room for activities" as my son and daughter chase each other around before we buckle them in. How much we actually miss our 2013 Outback on account of it being such a solid car.

Things that surprised me, pleasantly - How the car lights up when you walk up to it at night. How the dashboard and display looks before you start the image, with the silhouetted image of the Ascent on display, the distance the 2nd row seats slide back and forth, how easy it was to install things like the tow hitch, the footwell illumination kit, and the remote engine start ECU, and over-the-air updates for the headunit.

Things that are annoying but, hey - That tiny gap the sunvisor leaves between the A-Pillar and sunvisor. The MPGs at 11.9, the sunroof that goes a half-step beyond close when it auto closes, and the way the interior lights no longer dim if you've remote-started the vehicle.

All in all, wow. I'm just pleased as punch 1000 miles later.

Off to my next mod - cosmetic... for the door panels.... ;)

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Due to quarantine, we're at 5 months and 450 miles, all accrued on once a week highest runs just to keep it running. The rest of the time it sits in the garage. I bought it for my wife and she's under heavy quarantine and has only driven it once. Even my daily driver has only needed gas once in 5 months.

I need to run the miles up as the weather improves so I can tow the boat. (Florida, our boating season is fall through spring)
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