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So we upped the ante this time...threw in the second row bench to accommodate our oldest who was going to be travelling with us. So my Touring is now an 8 passenger. 8 folks in the car, Yakima 21 Skybox, Eibach Springs and 18x8 BBS XR with Falken Wildpeaks. We covered 3,723 miles from 12/27/20 to 1/3/21. Miami to Niagra Falls, Adirondacks, quick stop in Jersey to play in the mud with Rob, Maryland to visit family and back home. My lead foot still reigned supreme as the cruise was set at 80 to 85 as weather allowed. 17.55 MPG was the result and I was fighting wind, rain, snow just about the entire trip. My thoughts...

I am aware that I was traveling above the listed GVWR. With that said; the Eibach springs make the car behave like it has much less weight in it. I did not feel hitting the bump stops while on the road and this is something that would normally happen with 7 of us in the car and no luggage with OE springs. The car was flatter and absorbed road imperfections keeping the ride comfortable. I had a near miss where traffic in front of me slammed on the brakes and I had to do an emergency lane change at tail wagging, no theatrics...just scared the hell out of everyone in the car. Again, the springs won't increase your load carrying capacity, but they do make the car feel more stable at all times.

The Wildpeaks did an amazing job. Let's face it. I'm from Miami and have ZERO experience driving in extreme winter conditions. Along my way I encountered rain, snow, sleet and that stupid snowflake was on my dash for days on end. I drove on roads that were salted and clear, roads that were a wonderful mix of slushy muck (my word for snow+dirt+salt and whatever else) roads that were snow on top of ice and I never felt uncomfortable and the car/tires never skipped a beat. I'll post some pictures later when I get a chance!
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