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New member here. Our Ascent, (Limited, 7-passenger, Abyss Blue) is suppose to arrive at the end of the month. I have never had a Subaru, or any vehicle that has a turbo engine. Is there any sort of recommended engine break in period (in miles) that I should look to do? Google search found something that said to do a mix of driving for the first 1,000 miles and to not take it over 4,000 RPM during that period.

Have any current owners done anything like this? Any comments would be appreciated.


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8-1. New vehicle break-in
driving – the first 1,000 miles
(1,600 km)
The performance and long life of your
vehicle are dependent on how you handle
and care for your vehicle while it is new.
Follow these instructions during the first
1,000 miles (1,600 km):
. Do not race the engine or allow engine
speed to exceed 4,000 rpm except in an
. Do not drive at one constant engine or
vehicle speed, either fast or slow.
. Avoid starting suddenly and rapid acceleration,
except in an emergency.
. Avoid hard braking, except in an emergency.
The same break-in procedures should be
applied to an overhauled engine, newly
mounted engine or when brake pads are
replaced with new ones.
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All of the above. When mine reaches 2500 miles, I'm going to change the oil and filter. After that, my dealer is providing 2 years free service but I want the first oil change to take place sooner than specified. I have about 1800 on it now and have yet to floor it. Just a few brisk freeway entrances.
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