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OP was just using Subaru's terminology. There are OEM parts for the current Forester called "Engine Under Guard - Steel" and "Engine Under Guard - Aluminum". It's kind of baffling that they do not make an Ascent version.
With the horrible breakover angle, and bad approach angle, I suspect they didn't see the need.

Is there an accessory Engine Under Guard - Steel or a Skid plate to protect the engine / transmission from road debris?

Anyways, I highly highly highly recommend the Primitive Racing Engine (with front lip), Mid Armor and Rear Armor skid plates. Mine have seen some significant abuse over thousands of miles, including doing things one really shouldn't do. Not exaggerating. Last week, I got my Ascent stuck on top of the peak of a sand, rock and dirt hill, sitting on the frame rails and mid armor. The mid armor held up to the significant amount of abuse with not much more than some more scratches and gouge-marks.

Tell them Subaru Ambassador Robert says hi, if you order from them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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