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Hey everyone,
About 3 weeks ago I had a piece of gravel go through the stock Falken tires (245/60r-18). After about 30 seconds of debate I decided to replace them all with the CrossClimet tires.

To start out the review, I would say these are the best tires I have ever owned. I did my research on them and they really are everything they claim. First and foremost the quality I look for in a tire is cold wet rain performance. In Oregon this accounts for about half of our driving. The tires feel competent and well planted all the time. Even when pushed past the limits, the tires slide predictably. Overall grip is outstanding. I can’t imagine any tire preforming better period.

I have driven them quite a few miles on wet gravel county roads and they preform better than any tire I have ever had.

They are a little noisier than the stock Falkens but noise is the bottom of my list of importance.

View attachment 3018 Just buy them, seriously :)
Hi Jason, Many of us were looking for Michelin to produce a 245/50R20 needed for the Ascent 20" wheels. When we started this thread 4 months ago, they didn't produce them but as Pro10is said.... if they get enough interest they will. So is this what you have on there and if so, when did they start putting them on the market for Ascent? Thanks
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