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Dimming mirror or mirrors? Part J201SFL003

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I really tried to find the answer here and am still confused.
I am getting my Touring w dimming rear view mirror this week, and plan on adding the auto-dimming side mirror(s) part # J201SFL003 myself
Does that include both passenger and driver side, or just driver side?

reading the discussions on this, it appears people are comparing the install on both sides (passenger side doesn’t have a little pice of foam etc)
But the part is listed as “mirror”, singular.
there is no description I can find that elaborates this. Install looks straightforward and appreciate the detailed description in another thread.

TIA for any info!
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Looks to be both. I did a search on Amazon for that part number and it shows both left and right mirrors. A reviewer shows both mirrors in his photos as well.
Amazon mirror search
Also, go to this link;
Mirror install instructions

Type in the part number or, like I did, cut-n-paste the part number you supplied.
A 6 page PDF instruction sheet will pop up. First page shows both left and right mirrors. Instructions show both sides installed.
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Thank you, usually a google master this one i think i over read!
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