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I ran a search here and found some info spread out, but I couldn't find a thread with different a bunch of options and specs.

So I'm looking at a Nextbase, the 422GW in particular. It seems to be a mid-range budget, loaded camera, with expandable options. Anybody have experience with this brand?

Nextbase 422GW - $190 on Amazon
[email protected] or [email protected]
2.5" touch screen
Quick-release base
140° viewing angle
Amazon Alexa built-in (would be interesting to play with my smart home stuff)
Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS
parking mode (shock sensor)
free 30-day cloud storage
PC/Mac software (MyNextbase Player) - looks like a pretty nice interface
Polarizing filter available
ability to add cameras (rear-facing,cabin, or rear-window)

I've read good things about Blackvue, and it looks like the DR750S-1CH is comparable, but a little more expensive.
Blackvue DR750-S-1CH - $250 on Amazon
[email protected]0fps
139° viewing angle
Impact & motion detection built-in (crash detection, parking mode)
various free/paid cloud plans
not expandable, but a 2-CH version available for $360

What are some other quality cameras in this general price range? Share their specs below if you have them available, and a link. Thanks!

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Never wanted a dash cam, never had one, and never needed one in 50 years of driving until eight months ago when I got broadsided by a F350 that ran a red light, totaled my car and cracked a couple of my ribs. He said it was me who ran the red light and there were no witnesses (or dash cams) that could confirm either way. I now have a new Ascent and Garmin Mini Dashcam. I wanted something small/inconspicuous that would provide a good record should something happen. It was ~$90 on Amazon and seems to do the trick. I'm in the process of hooking it up with the Parking Mode Adapter so that it's not plugged into a USB port or USB power supply stuck into the cig lighter and can trigger when parked.

You can see a live view or review recordings with the phone app.

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I just pulled the trigger on the Blackvue 900S-2CH. I’ve been lookin for awhile and saw it on sale here for $371 (after coupon). No tax for me in NY.
I use a bunch of my dashcam footage for my vids for an "in car" perspective, so, I wouldn't mind one of those so I can get 4K from the front (my current one does 1080p front/1080p rear). Looks like I am upgrading this summer.

Please let us know what you think of it.
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