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Had my limited for a few days now. 140 miles on it already! It has not disappointed, its been everything I expected. LOVE this car and sooo happy its a Subaru!!! Outside of all the features I can't believe how smooth of a ride it has. The quietness I remember from my legacys (if your sitting at a light you can't hear car running). A few things though as I continue to find and try things,

1. There is a light that you can turn on in the back when unloading at night time. Found this when I went to put groceries in back last night and it was dark. Wonder why they did not put a light back there to auto come on when lift is open?

2. Have all safety features on. The lane keep assist I have not felt yet. I tried to make it happen a few times and nothing.

3. Surprised to see the feature that notifies you when car in front has moved. LoL i needed this one my husband

4. Haven't found all 14 speakers

5. I can definitely see what people were saying about the cup holders in front. Way too big and low. Like the ones on the doors in back. Handy having them there.

6. Mats are soooo cheap. waiting for weather tech.

7. Placement for ezpass and issue. Trying to figure out if i can put it on windshield or just hold it.

8. Rear, with 3rd row seats down is not quite level with back. not sure how the cargo tray will lay back there.

9. Wished i would have got the moulding on doors. I see now I will be sick if I get a ding.☹
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