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Sorry if this has been covered before, but I did a search and couldn't come up with any posts so thought I'd submit this new post and see if anyone can help. We got our 2019 Ascent Limited early in April (we love it, especially for long highway trips).
We have two large Labrador retrievers (one yellow and one black) and thus we have the third row seat folded when the dogs travel with us. ( ordered the Rear Seatback Protector and the Cargo Tray in our Ascent.) The problem is that when the third seat is folded, our dogs come in contact with the back of the second row bench seat (we have an 8 passenger Ascent and do not have the Captain's Chairs for the second row). The back of the second row bench seat is covered with a fuzzy black cloth material which acts like a magnet for dog fur;
So I am interested if anyone knows of a a cover that I can purchase to cover only the back of the second row bench seat for our Ascent. The cover would have to be two pieces in order to allow folding of the 60/40 split second row seat. I am looking for a simple seat cover that only covers the rear of the second row bench seat and not a cover that will intrude in the second row passenger area.
Any help with finding a suitable cover for the back of the second row bench seat to make our Ascent more dog-friendly would be much appreciated.
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