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I live in the suburbs of Seattle. This is a place that does not get snow often, let alone snow that sticks to the ground for an extended period of time. Most cities have very limited plow trucks if any at all. They do not salt roads as the run-off endangers the wild salmon. Some places sand the roads and sometimes can drop de-icer the night before to help prevent ice. When conditions line up, the area for the most part shuts down. Most people stay home and don't drive until it is all gone. For an area already saddled with the worst drivers in the country who can't drive when it is sunny out or rainy out, you can imagine how bad it is when the inexperienced get out there in winter conditions. Anyways....

This past Sunday night we in the Puget Sound area were treated to our first snow weather event of the season. We had really cold air (for the area) and moisture to go with it. The cold will be leaving us today for a vacation before our next event starting tomorrow. Anyways, with temps below freezing and snow on the ground I decided to take my vehicles out and play Monday afternoon. I would have liked to try the "fresh pow" conditions on the roads, but I was left with compacted snow, some slush, but mainly ice from all the people sledding on the roads (it is a hilly area). There were only small areas of ~4" of fresh snow. I first took out the Impreza with its factory tires. And of course it did great getting going. Cornering I was able to break it free as expected and coming to a stop I would also slide. I should note that I believe that speed limits are limits for the worst conditions the roads will see. So if the limit is 35MPH I want to go 35 when possible, take turns in the road at that speed if there is no 5MPH reduction sign, etc. So I tried.

I then went back and hopped in the Ascent. My Ascent currently has the Continental TerrainContacts installed on them. I did the same route and the vehicle performed great. The tires allowed for quicker starts over the Impreza, better breaking, and also stuck better in the curves. I had to try slightly harder to break it loose over the Impreza. Again, different tires and different vehicles. The point I want to make is that in the crappy ice/compact snow conditions, you can drive the Ascent on these tires as if the roads were simply wet, or practically dry IMO just being slightly cautious. You can still have fun in tires, but it is best to find an area off-road to do it.

To sum up, I really really like this tire setup and would recommend them as they seem to handle a variety of conditions without going in the extreme end of those conditions. However, I do not know how the tires do in the really really deep snow. I may get a chance this weekend as we are expected to get more starting tomorrow and into Saturday.

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For an area already saddled with the worst drivers in the country who can't drive when it is sunny out or rainy out
Why are there so many Virginia drivers out there?!

Seriously though, those were on my list of tires when I can finally get new wheels. Thanks!

PS i鈥檓 happy for everyone that gets to play in the snow this year, as well as a little jealous
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Great to hear a good review of the tires in snow, and even better that it local snow. Plans got put on hold for an Ascent, but those were the tires I was looking into getting.

Enjoy the snow!
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