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I spent some time today with the car trying to understand the switches and functions of EyeSight. So far this is how I understand it and please be patient with me if I misuse the tuerms.

Using the multi-meter display setup, you can disable Lane Centering. When it is disabled the EyeSight button on the steering wheel can be used to turn Lane Keep Assist on or off. If Lane Centering, part of the adaptive cruise control feature, is on in the muli-meter setup, the EyeSight button can be used to turn Lane Keep Assist on or off if the Cruise Control is not enabled, and Lane Centering on or off if Cruise Control is on.

I also learned that the EyeSight button maintains the last known state. So, if I left the system enabled when I turned the car off, it would remember that setting when I turned it back on again. I needed to either disable Lane Centering all together in the multi-meter display, which I don't really want to do (it is helpful in the right situation) or remember to select the EyeSight function to the correct setting for the situtation.

This was my experience with the 2021 Subaru Ascent Limited, and I fully admit that I may not have it all completely correct! What I wish would happen is that EyeSight for Lane Keep Assist and Lane Centering defaulted to Off when I turned the car of, but that seems not to be the case.

Does this all make sense? Is there a way to set the default of Off for Lane Keep Assist and Lane Centering without turning Lane Centering off all together?
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