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Hello from eastern Nebraska!

We ordered our first Subaru October 11th, arrived at the dealer December 7th and we picked it up the 9th. Already have 700 miles on her. Sally is a white 7 seat limited, ivory leather with package 23. I dded the hitch, ext dim mirrors, splash guards, rear seat back protector, cargo net and cargo tray.

I have been blown away by the vehicle.

Thanks to this forum I really was able to gather some great info to help in our decision to buy an Ascent and in the bargaining process.

Having 2 months to ponder our decision I was really getting worried about a few things. Some posts referred to interior noise, poor sounding Harmon Kardon system, lackluster seat heaters, mushy handling ect…. But what I've experienced is luckily not in agreement with most of the things that had me worried. We came from a 2015 pathfinder and the Ascent exceeds it on pretty much every level. The cabin noise is the quietest of any vehicle I've owned. The 4 banger obviously make some 4 cylinderish noise but it's far from intrusive. The HK stereo sounds fabulous IMO. I used to enter car stereo competitions back in the day and did installs on the side so I have a pretty high expectation level. It's notably better than the Nissan Bose system and it murders the Sony system in my Raptor. Seat heaters do just fine and I think it handles exactly as I would expect it to handle. The AWD works amazing on ice/snow. Just really really impressed.

If I had to really dig for a nitpick or 2 I think the stereo volume screen is unnecessary. Does it need to cover the whole screen and stay up for so long? And there is a little “dead spot” in the transmission. When easing into it, it gets going for a second then there is a bit of a lul until you give it more throttle to get past it. Completely something I'll get used to but it's somewhat annoying. Otherwise I'm quite impressed with the get up and go. Pretty zippy.

Anyway, thanks again for the great community here and I hope I can pitch in down the road.


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