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TLDR: It's TSB 11-190-19R, go to dealer and get the ECM flashed to the latest and greatest.

Longer version:

Check engine light came on yesterday when my wife was driving home. Shut it off in the garage and let it sit for the night because I didn't feel like thinking about it since we haven't had it back that long since the last issue.

I drove it to work this morning and brought my code reader along. Had time so I went out and pulled codes, came back U0122. Called dealer and spoke with the service manager. He did some checking because he thought that was a very specific code that he remembered Field Engineers requesting to see in the wild back in January. He did some digging and called back saying there's a brand new TSB on this code that came out last week. It's an ECM Flash fix and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

Didn't even take 20 minutes. No codes no lights on drive back to work. Everything looks good.

Here's the invoice with all the info:
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