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A while back I ordered Caltrend Cordura covers for the middle row of my 8-seat ascent. I was looking for something black and durable and these fit the bill. Actually, I couldn't find any other option. I would have preferred Coverking brand (I've been happy with them in my Outback) but they do not make covers for the middle row with a bench seat.

If you've installed seat covers before you know it's neither an easy or hard job, mostly annoying. This one was no different. The instructions were very general (pretty much useless, IMO). I couldn't find any info about whether or not the bottom seat cushions were removable (like the bottom of a bench seat which usually just pulls up). I gave a quick tug or 2 and didn't get any movement, so I decided to work with them in place. The real challenge was routing the side-side straps underneath the seat cushion, but over the sliding seat rails. The passenger side was a major PITA, and coupled with the way the OEM fabric attaches in the middle of the pass side (the side), the fit isn't great. It's not terrible, just could be better. They could have done a better job working around the OEM seat cover attachment point to secure the bottom cover. The drivers side (60 side) was way easier to work with and there were more routing choices to get the strap over the rail, and much more hand room to work with also. It was a complete breeze compared to the passenger side.

I drew from my experience with the Outback install to finish up. It's not rocket science, but it is much easier if you've done it before and know generally how it all goes together. All in it took me about 3 hours including removing/installing the kids car seats and all of the vacuuming.

Initial impressions: Overall quality of construction/materials/stitching is good. It's a nice durable material that looks like it should hold up well. For fit I give it a 7 of 10, mainly due to the passenger side seat bottom cover. The cordura material is not stretchy (think backpack material) so it will never fit like a glove. I knew that going in, and do not consider it a negative on the fit.

Some pics, you can see the color against the OEM seat color in the first pic. Not a super deep black but I don't think anyone would notice at a quick glance.

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