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Just curious if anyone knows, maybe Carl has a better idea then my sales guy.
Right now I'm still going off what we see in the pictures.

On the SUV's we have now (Outback, Forester, Crosstrek) it's a hard plastic cover that is an accessory. The pictures I've seen on the Limited and Touring show it to have a more metallic look in the middle.

Either way, even if you were getting a sedan and the rear bumper applique (which is basically like a piece of clear bra for the top of the rear bumper), I'd still recommend getting it. You're talking about something that's going to cost less than $100 that when you end up dropping something on your bumper when you're loading it, or scraping that stroller or golf bag across it, will do it's job and protect the surface of the top of the bumper. And just like door edge guards, when it gets dinged up and/or destroyed in doing it's job, you pull it off and put another one on. Replacing a $100 piece of plastic every 5 years is a lot cheaper than having to repaint or replace a gouged bumper.

Go to your local Subaru dealer's lot. Chances are 95% of the SUV's on their lot will have this accessory installed.
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