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Bulletin 16-132-20R (CVT)

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I was able to download this TSB through NTHSA website. I came across this page:

Font Parallel Rectangle Screenshot

Does this mean Ascent CVTs have different programming depending on its Date of Manufacture?
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Regardless, there's ZERO fake shift issues. Remember, liking the shifts or hating them, is all a matter of personal preference. Subaru can't fix the fact that people have wildly differing opinions on the matter.
On a personal note:
I detest the fake shifting.

But it will take a bunch of you all to write Subaru and ask them to make it able to be disabled by the owners, for it to change. I suspect that many Ascent owners are writing in asking for more of it to counteract those of us who wrote to make it user selectable or removed.

Final note:
Removing the fake shifting will require another round of EPA testing. I don't think we will see it until another model year, if ever (again, that depends on all of you).
To both of these points, I don't know a single person that LIKES the fake shifting. Even my father in law who has a Forester and could car less about performance doesn't like the fake shifting when he rarely gets into the throttle. I suppose I don't know the inner workings of the EPA and changes made that require testing. But I wouldn't think that transmission reflash that removes fake shifting would be cause for new EPA testing. There have been many other manufactures that have revised shift points on their transmissions and to my knowledge they didn't have to go through the EPA for that.

On a different note, I had a reflash recently and I am curious what TSB mine fall under? I have not been able to find any info out about them.
  • New CID Q93EF100
  • Old Part # 90919AH14E (I think it should be 30919AH14E)
  • New Part # 3091AH14H (I think it should be 30919AH14H)
Also in the same repair order line it says TSB 09-88-22 was performed, but that has nothing to do with threansmission to my knowledge.
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