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Short Story
The process of buying a new Subaru (2019 Ascent!) these last couple of weeks frustrated me enough that I'm building a tool to make it simple. It'll take your parameters and request quotes for a specific model/trim/option car from every dealer in the country at once. I'm curious if others would be interested in using it and to get feedback.

Longer Story
This forum was really helpful to me in deciding on making my purchase and narrowing which trim and accessories I wanted. Once I knew, all I wanted was the best price possible. The car at that point was a commodity that anybody could sell me so lowest price was my criteria. To do that, I ended up spending hours manually emailing ~30 dealers both in my state and elsewhere to compare prices. They would all deliver to my city so I wasn't concerned where the selling dealer was.

Doing this saved me ~1.5k compared to taking the best offer from the 5 dealers in my metro area.

I realized that what I really needed was a tool that would take my parameters (Ascent - Limited - 8 seater tech package - required accessories - Blue/Ivory) and send the details to every dealer at once. Informing them what I wanted, that I was ready to buy and where I wanted the car delivered. They could all then respond with their bid on it. I think I would have gotten an even better price had I been able to contact more dealers quickly. I absolutely would have saved many, many hours of labor in the process.

I like saving time and money. I'm curious if folks here like to also and would be interested in using what I've built? Feedback and suggestions VERY appreciated.

I'm a software developer with a little free time on my hands and thought this would be a fun thing to build. I should have been able to search inventory nationwide quickly and get prices simply. Instead I faced hurdles and too many hours of wasted time. Hoping this could help the next buyer in my position.

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