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A friend manages a performance car repair operation. His instructions:

1) always warm up engine before driving during first 3000 miles by revving lightly up to 3000 rpm then back to idle;

2) don’t let engine go above 3000 RPM first 3000 miles.

3) If long trip is a “must” first 3000 miles, watch your rear view and take the speed down to 45 mph +/- periodically if safe, then back up to speed limit, then vary with speed limit less 5-10

4) try for 50/50 in town vs. highway first 3000 miles. Rings in a new engine need to seat correctly. Correct seating occurs if engine RPM varies.

5) When on road trip even varying between 60, 65, 70 mph will be a good thing to do.

6) Last note: dealer told me they recommend not using Cruise control for first 3000 miles. That way you are more likely to vary speed/rpm. Made total sense to me given instructions from my friend (he works with exotic sports cars).
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