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Brake Replacement on ‘19 Causing Warning Lights

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Hey all!

Just replaced pads and rotors on all 4 corners on our 2019 Ascent today. While the job went relatively smoothly, I’m now left with the following warning lights on in the vehicle : ABS, Traction Control, and BRAKE. When driving it also flashes PARK.

I am able to drive the vehicle with no issues aside from the Christmas tree on the dash. I bed the brakes in properly and then parked it due to said lights.

I followed the advice on previous threads and used an INNOVA 5510 diagnostics tool to put the EPB in and out of maintenance mode for this job. The tool now shows a B0400 error code in the ABS/VDC System, but I have yet to find any documentation as to what that is.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Pic of 100k mile rear pads for attention 😂
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any chance you unplugged one of the parking brake solenoids? seems like something was either damaged or unplugged. Did you try and clear the code and see what it does?
I unplugged both when I replaced the rear pads and rotors…could that be my mistake and it needs reset at the dealer?

I cleared the code with the 5510 but it comes right back.
did you exit EPB service mode with the tool after you replaced the pads?
That’s not a 100k pad… that’s a 100k pad backing 😳

What pads did you put on it? If they’re oem there’s no properly bedding them, it’s just driving without hard braking for 1000mi.

Did you check if the parking brake works, despite the lights/ warnings?
You’re telling me… we bought the vehicle from the original owner with ~80k miles on it, so I’m guessing they never changed the brakes at all.

I opted for Powerstop pads and rotors all around. I performed the suggested bedding and they work fantastically well, compared to the braking we were getting before.

Car drives and brakes just fine, despite the warnings.

The only outlier issue I noticed when bedding the brakes was the speedometer took a little while of driving to start responding quickly to changes in acceleration/deceleration. I assumed this was simply the wheel speed sensors readjusting after both the brake job and the battery being disconnected.
Let us know if you fixed this or figured out the problem.
At the dealer now, should know when they get me info. Will update as I know more!

Took the vehicle to the dealer, and same issue as above: the EPB wouldn’t remove itself from maintenance mode with the Innova 5510, even though it stated it had. Dealer reset the EPB and took it out of maintenance mode for a diagnostics fee.

Will likely be contacting Innova to get a direct update for my tool, but confident this is a worthwhile solution with no damage potential in the future.
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Sounds more like the tool didn't do the recalibration and removal from service mode. That will light up the dash.
This was the exact issue. Will be addressing a potential software update to fix.
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