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I joined several months back and have mostly been searching old discussions in preparation for getting an Ascent.

My first brand-new car was a 1998 VDC-H6 Outback that I had for 10 years (also my first Subaru). I really loved that car, but then we got 2 big dogs and needed a larger vehicle. The Tribeca had recently come out at that time, but I didn't really like it and wasn't quite big enough. So, I got a Mazda CX-9.

Now that Subaru has something that fits my needs, I'm happily coming back to the fold :)

I live in Michigan, and we do a fair amount of travel during the winter, but not really off the beaten track.
We also load up in the summer with 2 bikes on a hitch rack and 2 kayaks on the roof.

I placed my order a couple of weeks ago, should be coming in late August!
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