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Over holidays we went on a ~2500 mile road-trip - from Bay Area to Moab - in our 2019 Ascent Touring. Original plan was to cross the Sierras and drive on I-50 - the loneliest road in America. However, the persistent threat of the snowstorm dissuaded us from taking that route. So, we went via Las Vegas, an un-scenic but seemingly safer route.

We did Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef National Parks and Monument Valley. We went to Arches on two days - it was magnificent. We were lucky to see it all red without any snow and then with a smattering of snow as well. An early morning hike to Delicate Arch in snow was breathtaking and at times a tad scary. But the result was well worth the effort.

Schafer Canyon Trail in Canyonlands was closed and we couldn't take Ascent for off-roading there. Only off-roading was a dirt track around Mexican Hat (track was fine but the hat itself was underwhelming) and drive to Capitol Gorge trailhead in Capitol Reef NP (a vastly underrated trail in my opinion).

While going to Moab, we encountered snow and ice on the road on I-70/50 and then on the way to Monument Valley there was snow/ice in Monticello area. Coming back, we were caught in the snowstorm on parts of UT62/89/20 and then encountered heavy rain from Cedar City to St. George. Between Mojave and Tehachapi there were cross-winds so strong that trucks were stopping and then there was dense fog. While going was slow sometimes, the Ascent could handle it all. And, that too on stock Falkens with 26,000 miles (although most of the time I was kicking myself for not switching to Michelin Cross Climate 2s as I had planned).

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Nice!!! Some of my favorite places to visit!
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