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Not to burst your bubble, but those are brake pads I do not respect in terms of severe-duty use.

I can only recommend it to those with a casual, easygoing sense of spirited driving. I would NOT recommend the use of PowerStop products for severe/spirited use.

Any brake pad manufacturer unwilling to provide a maximum operating temperature rating are not expected to be a respectable manufacturer of brake pads for the most severe conditions. Though they may be respectable in the sense that they make an OE-grade aftermarket alternative, such brake pads I treat with an air of caution.

For perspective, I have confirmed by Akebono, one of the largest manufacturers of OEM brake pads, that the typical consumer-rated (ordinary driver) brake pad compounds are rated to around 300 degrees Celsius, or 572 degrees Fahrenheit. This is within acceptable for users of the laymen/casual driving. However, any moderate or severe spirited driving, such lowly consumer brake pads are unsafe and can pose a serious risk to the safety of others
Although I am well aware most forum users, especially on a form of a vehicle of this nature, will almost certainly never need severe/spirited duty brake pads, I wish to at least provide that information (eventually) for the extremely rare few that do exist.
That’s it ? :nerd:
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