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The camera systems on the Ascent are very useful, from the backup camera available on most trims, to the three camera system on the Touring.

However, all are lacking. Here is what's missing:

  • Front and Rear Dash Cams with recording capabilities.
Dash cams are becoming more and more widespread and are very useful for recording trips, preventing insurance frauds, documenting incidents, and enhancing security. For example, someone recently keyed my new Ascent in a parking lot, if I had a rear dashcam with security features, I would have captured the event and possibly the person.

  • Front, Rear, and Side view cameras
The Touring does have a Front and Rear view camera, but unlike many newer models, no Side cameras. None of these are available on the other trims. These cameras are useful for tight parking. The Backup camera is nice, but a higher mounted Rear view camera would help much more when backing up large trailers and boats.

Not everyone needs or wants all of these, but to those who do, it would be great to find an effective aftermarket source. This is a bit tricky on the Ascent because I know of no way to feed the cameras into any of the existing displays. That leaves either adding yet another display or possibly using the display on your smartphone. This would probably require a wifi connection to the cameras.

This is all currently possible technically, but I've yet to find an all-encompassing solution. I myself would like a front and rear camera which I could access anytime and which also had dashcam type recording capabilities.

I plan to research this and find a possible solution. I'll post any findings here. Hopefully, anyone else interested will do the same.
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