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Allow the rear door speaker channels to play full range

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I replaced my rear door speakers and I was shocked to discover that the frequency range sent to the rear speakers is greatly reduced. Let us have full range on the rear speakers without forcing us to buy the RF upgrade. It sounds like Subaru intentionally hobbled the rear channel to force people into the RF upgrade.
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My understanding is the RF upgrade only comes with front speaker replacements. The front channels get better highs but there’s no difference in the rear.
The RF upgrade only comes with the 6x9 front woofer and small amp to provide extra oomph but the rears remains the same output wise.My Accord had the same setup but it seems like Toyotas rear sound stage seems to runs at fullrange giving you that oomph from the rear but somehow they balance the sound with the fronts.

Back to the Ascent (Premium)I had a look at the stock dash tweets and was pleasantly surprised how decent they looked ,by visual inspection they resemble silk dome tweets which probably why the tweets aren’t included in the RF upgrade.

A 4 channel plug’n’play amp upgrade with processing would definitely make a difference and I believe alot of folks will jump on it.All these JBL,H/K,BOSE stuff put in vehicles these days are decent for the average consumer but true audiophiles cringe at those systems.
While I wait to get my system installed, what I have done is to fade the speakers completely to the front. This has made a huge difference in soundstaging and the overall sound. Try it and see if you like the result.
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Looks like you are right about it only coming with a set of 6x9 speakers in the kit:

This is such a head scratcher. My son in the 3rd row wants to hear good music.
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