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Hello everyone, I just got my ascent premium with standard audio (no HK, no RF upgrade). and while I love the car, I’ve been intending to upgrade the speakers to get a richer sound.

I’m an (amateur) audiophile with a $600-800 budget for parts (ideally would like to stay closer to $600), but I’ve never upgraded my car speakers. With that, a few questions that I would appreciate your advice on:

1. Which speakers would you recommend? Reading this forum, I’ve heard of both morel and focal, but from what I’ve read the highs on the focal are a bit much. Are there other brands I should consider for the ascent? Note - I’m not looking to buy a sub at this time, but would like the flexibility to add one later.

2. Do you recommend I upgrade all six speakers or just focus on the front ones?

3. Do I need an amp? Or is the 8” head unit enough?

Thanks in advance!!
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