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I ran through and did mine a week after buying it. I used Pioneer A series all around and this is what I've learned.

1. Put a good clean bass speaker in the front door 6x9 position. The head unit has plenty of power to play full range on this channel.
2. The dash 1" tweeter isn't a bad speaker but you'll find some mids lacking between it and the front door speaker
3. The dash position is a full range output that's separate from the front door channel. You can put a 3.5" speaker in the dash to help the mids, but if it has a large diameter magnet you're going to have fitment problems.
4. The rear door speakers have SEVERELY LIMITED range. Basically it's just a midrange. No bass, no highs. There doesn't seem to be much you can do about this and I regret putting a good 6.5" 3 way speaker here. You could put a good midrange here but it's more like a surround sound rear speaker.
5. The component tweeter on the Pioneer A series is way too bright.

BTW I cut the sockets out of the factory speakers so that I could solder them onto my new speakers and then just plug the factory harness in. There are harness adapters available now and Crutchfield carries them.
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