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The Subaru 2nd Row All Weather Floor mats has areas which exposes the vehicle carpet. I bought some black microfiber towels from Amazon (16"x16") and cut them into 4"x4" squares and installed them under the All Weather Floor mats to protect the exposed stock carpet.

The black microfiber towels aren't 100% color matched, but I'm sure there are other brands that are closer in color. The exposed carpet near the door sills get dirty pretty easily especially with kids as they track all sorts of junk into the car. Easier to wash and reuse the microfiber towels vs having to clean the stock carpets.

Also, installed XPEL paint protection film on the door sill areas for all 4 door sills. Fronts are 2" x 22" and the rears are 2" x 20". I've been doing these for my previous cars and helps eliminate paint scratches from shoes etc.


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