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Hi all,

Been a hot minute since I've been here. I saw someone who had a wicked nice Ascent in California last week (Disneyland Toy Story parking lot to be exact) and they had done what I wanted to do and add some lights to the pillar/hood

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Tire Grille

Obviously we can't just buy off the shelf as there is little to no demand for these. Has anyone come up with anything creative to emulate/copy this style ?
We often take our Ascent out camping and in areas with poor lighting and I want more while driving.

I am considering a bumper mounted option like this from rally innovations:
2019+ Subaru Ascent Rally Light Bar [SU-WMA-RLB-01]

Also, they had managed to get some small LED's within the grill itself (not behind it) and i wish I would have gotten a picture.

anyways. last question, i have thought about getting lights on the factory roof rails (using their mounting options) but unsure of how to go about it. Basically this
Tire Wheel Car Plant Vehicle

I dont roof camp, but when towing our trailer it would be nice if we had some extra lights or even out in the boonies to have extra light.

I lied, not last question; has anyone installed underglow LED's or similar?
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