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Good Morning

Unwanted to reach out to the forum to discuss AddOn Pricing

On the model we are looking into which is the Ascent Touring - some add on I wanted to consider are:

Remote FOB $369.95
USB Ports for 3rd Row. $230
Towing Hitch (Factory Installed) $499
Sill Side Panel. $272 - $200

Dealers seem to be inflexible in their pricing and on the Sill Side panel I got 2 different quotes

So the question to the forum is
1) is the a different price for VIP persons versus not having VIP
2) have people been able to negotiate prices?

I do currently have a Valid VIP Retail Authorization Form I have been using when getting quotes.

What a difference. Good difference.

Thank you all


*** FYI. Subaru now has introduce Remote Car Start in the StarLink Premium package available to the Ascent Touring.

Here the details of the STARLINK Security Plus
-it’s a subscription package FYI. I am opting for the FOB. 1 time fee

Package Includes:
Remote Lock & Unlock
Remote Horn & Lights
Remote Vehicle Locator
Remote Engine Start with Climate Control and Heated Seats
Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plus
Stolen Vehicle Immobilizer
Vehicle Security Alarm Notification
Boundary Alert
Speed Alert
Curfew Alert
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